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If you are not being authentic, so showing up as you and being emotionally honest in your own inner relationship never mind with your partner, you will have a lot of the hallmarks of an intimate relationship without the intimacy.

That means that you could love and care for a person, enjoy sex and other aspects of a relationship but fundamentally be afraid of the consequences of closeness – that fear that if you’re you, vulnerable and essentially emotionally available (willing to feel all of your feelings and be rooted in reality instead of ducking behind a wall and struggling with boundaries and commitment), that you will allow somebody to get close enough to you that it might hurt if they leave, disappoint, criticise, argue/fight with you, or reject you.

We will lack self-awareness and self-knowledge so in not having an intimate relationship with ourselves, we won’t be able to distinguish between emotional and sexual intimacy as well as talking about stuff versus showing up with both feet in and deepening the relationship and how we relate over time.

If we have a habit of not knowing where we end and where others begin, we will mistake the boundary issues that result from this as intimacy.

And you’d be shocked at the amount of people who feel a connection and “so much in common” who recognise on reflection that they may have ‘known’ a person but they didn’t truly know them. These relationships can leave you feeling lonely due to the lack of deep emotional connection as well as feeling adrift from your core self, even though you might now know what that is due to always playing roles. Baggage Reclaim is a guide to learning to live and love with self-esteem by breaking the patterns that stand in your way.

Allow the love that you have not in your heart to get your man glow in the form of a genuinely caring smile and kind words.

We need to recognise that some of the things that we’re hung up on that blind us like the “connection” and the stuff we claim to have in common, are not only ways of justifying continuing to invest in something that isn’t going to nourish us, but they can also be ways of avoiding intimacy.

You always know that you’re experiencing truly intimate relationships when you feel nourished by the relationship not or riding rollercoaster.

Maybe you also had trouble distinguishing between your respective feelings and behaviour.

Maybe you could talk about work, politics, the environment, your intelligence levels, or text morning, noon and night.

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